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1 Pure Honey  
  500 g $7.00
  1,000 g $12.00
2 Creamed Honey  
  Plain, Chocolate or Cinnamon $9.00
3 Vanilla Honey $9.00
4 Combed Honey  
  small $5.00
  medium $8.00
  large $10.00


Please note: these items are GST free.

Varieties change throughout the year depending on what the bees were foraging on.


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8am – 4pm
Wed 8am – 12pm.

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How to purchase

  • In the shop, markets
  • Order by phone/email
  • Online and pay at pickup
  • Online and pay with PayPal

Q - Pickup or postage?

Given that our items range in size from small to bulky, pickup is the best way. If you wish to have something posted to you, please discuss before buying.